Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Giveaway special on instagram
Dear Lovelies,
I´d like to remind you that today I´ve started my first "Mother´s Day" giveaway special on Instagram!
You may win one of the little teddy bears + the lovely cotton heart ornament.... all handmade with love!
Looking forward to meeting you there:
☞ Instagram
☞ @filasophie
Bisou & good luck,

Freitag, 10. Februar 2017

"...Spring awakening..."
  ...die letzten Tage verbrachte ich im Atelier mit der Herstellung der ersten Frühlingsboten: vergnügt tummelten sich kleine Häschen & Hasenkinder auf der Werkbank und auch so mancher glitzernde Käfer wollte hübsch mit Schleifenband und Blüten aus goldener Dresdner Pappe geschmückt werden!

Da die Osterzeit immer näher rückt, tüftelte ich auch an kleinen Ostereiern - hübsch dekoriert mit Bändern und Kleidchen! Welch ein Spaß! 


Eine schöne Vorfreude auf den Frühling und ein feines Wochenende! 
Alles Liebe,


Samstag, 28. Januar 2017


Today I´d like to share with you my new idea regarding these little beauties: 

Customizable spun cotton swans

 They are all hand made with love and can be used as cake toppers for your bohemian inspired wedding or just as nostalgic decoration that gives your home a magical touch...

You will have the opportunity to choose from two different sizes: the "Swan Princess", which is approx. 9 cm /3,5 inches in height or the "Swan Queen" which is approx. 13 cm / 5 inches in height.

For the smaller swans, you may also choose from a variety of colours for the nostalgic ribbon around the neck which is also decorated with a beautiful tiny Dresden paper flower. 
 According to your wishes, I also may add a filigree crown, sparkling glass glitter or a banner with your favourite text...

"Swan Princess":


The "Swan Queen" looks particulary majestic due to the sparkling glass glitter on the body and head. The aged ruffled collar with a contrasting ribbon gives the figurine sort of a sophisticated appearance. The cake topper is especially suitable to sparkle up your wedding decoration or delicious cakes...

"Swan Queen":


Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of these heirloom ornaments or send it as a personal gift to your beloved ones...

For more details, please just follow the link to my Etsy shop:
s h o p  ☚ 

Would love to hear from you and your ideas for your customized spun cotton swan!



Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

 "P R I M S M A G A Z I N E"


...Today is the day I'd love to uncover the secret behind this little woodland fellow: last year I received a lovely message from Prims magazine....eeek!!! The request came out of the blue and I am still sooo overwhelmed, they found my work out of so many talented artists all over the world... 

And now - a few months later, I have the current issue of this beautiful magazine in hands and I have still to pinch myself to believe it...
The lovely article includes some words about my work, where my inspiration comes from and so many beautiful pictures of the deer fellow...
But that's not all: if you are turning over, another Fil:À:Sophie fellow can be found in the magazine... More infos will follow....

Thank you so much to the entire team of Prims magazine for your support and help... it means so much! Merci!

I still have the feeling of "a walk in the clouds" and will now be off to a little dog walk into the woods...Have a beautiful day, Lovelies!